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Hambleton (Yr 6) 

Welcome to Hambleton Class

Welcome back to a thoroughly packed Spring Term where winter has not really occurred yet and spring seems to be here already!

Our theme this term will be ‘JURASSIC HUNTERS’ where we will be joined by George the Dinosaur and Geoff the Palaeontologist. Our focus will be learning about Fossils and Dinosaurs.

As creative writers, our writing will include creating a short fantasy story about dinosaurs, recounts and non chronological reports about dinosaur and fossil discoveries and some famous palaeontologists, arguing and debating about the human journey, and writing poetry in the style of some famous poets.

As mathematicians we are going to continue to ‘crack’ our times tables with our once a week challenge. As well as measuring dinosaur footprints accurately, we will use this information to calculate the height, speed and gait of someone from their footprints. We will also use our knowledge and understanding of area and perimeter to create our own Jurassic Park.

In Science the children will begin the term by being Classification Connoisseurs. They will learn about the Linnaeus classification system and identify the similarities and differences between animal, micro-organism and plant classifications.  They will also be taking part in The Game of Survival where the children will learn all about Evolution and Inheritance; where they came from and how different species have adapted and mutated over time. We will also be meeting some historical evolutionary pioneers such as Mary Anning, William Buckley and Charles Darwin.

Other areas of our theme work will include learning about the fascinating creatures that inhabited the Earth and studying the main epochs of fossils. We will explore fossil footprints and fossil humans, as well as ice age creatures and their fossils. Dinosaurs will begin to appear in Hambleton Class as we study the different species, their eggs, behaviour and their extinction. Finally we will be designing our own species of dinosaur and its own unique habitat.

In RE we will be focusing on Creation and Science and whether the two conflict or complement each other. Our main area of focus will be the Creation Story and the differences between the story in Genesis and other contemporary scientific accounts. We will also be exploring the many scientists throughout history who are also Christians and how the discoveries of science make Christians wonder even more about the power and majesty of the Creator. The children will have many opportunities to debate on behalf of both sides as well being able to develop their own thoughts and beliefs. After half term we will move on to explore Humanism and why some people do not believe in any God. We will explore how Humanists celebrate their lives, what they value in life and how they decide what to believe in.

Finally a quick reminder that PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and that they will be outside on a Tuesday, weather permitting. Tracksuits are still a good idea as the weather is typically spring like – one minute beautiful blue sunny skies the next freezing wind!

There will be lots of other exciting learning opportunities this term for your children and as always we greatly appreciate your help and support. If you have any special skill you would like to share or would just like to come in and give a helping hand you are always welcome!

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