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“Look back with pride and move forward with confidence”

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At Ryhall CE Academy we love Maths and see it as an essential life skill. We are committed to ensuring that children have a positive and meaningful experience of mathematics throughout the school.

We offer a curriculum (see documents below) that secures essential knowledge and skills whilst giving the children many opportunities to use and apply their mathematical skills across the curriculum through real life problem solving and mathematical investigations.

Calculation policy

At Ryhall CE Academy we recognise that children need a range of calculation strategies which are efficient, accurate and reliable. Through our carefully developed calculation policy children are given a 'tool kit' of strategies which enable them to calculate confidently. Some of these methods will look different to the methods you were taught as a child. Please feel free to come in and ask questions about the methods we are using. We do provide opportunities for you to come in an learn with the children; look out for our workshops and coffee clubs.

Interventions and extensions

At Ryhall CE Academy we monitor the children's progress carefully and organise extension groups for children who are ready for an additional push whilst also giving regular small group support to those children finding the subject challenging.

How parents and carers can help

Every parent and carer can do their bit to help inspire their children to be successful in Maths:

  • Help them practice their times tables. Remember little and often is best!

  • Come to information evenings to pick up tips and have some fun.  

  • Show your child that you like the subject (Please try to refrain from admitting that you hated Maths or telling your children that you are no good at it - it gives them permission to feel the same and we don't want that!)

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