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Ryhall CE Academy

“Look back with pride and move forward with confidence”

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Meet the Governors


Community Governor

Elected as Chair in May 2016 - re-elected annually (last election 14.10.2020)

I am delighted to be part of the Ryhall CE Academy Governance Committee (AGC). I retired as Headteacher of a primary school in 2013, so have a good understanding of teaching and learning, as well as policy and procedure.

In the world today it is vital that children receive an outstanding academic education and the skills and knowledge to support them in living happy and safe lives in the 21st Century. We are a Church of England school and our Christian foundation is a vitally important part of this learning. It has been a pleasure to witness the school developing and growing over the years. I believe that Ryhall CE Academy is an excellent, vibrant learning community.

As governors, our roles and responsibilities changed radically in 2019. We are now required to monitor, support and challenge senior leaders in relation to vision and values. Our role can broadly be divided into three areas:

  • Compliance - in areas such as safeguarding, health and safety, SEND, breadth of educational experience.

  • Church - our ethos, our relationship with the church and our church school inspection.

  • Community - our relationships with the whole community inside school, around the school and beyond.

The coronavirus has, unfortunately, led to unprecedented times and never more so in our schools across the country. It is a huge tribute to all the staff and children of Ryhall CE Academy to witness the sensitive, caring and collaborative approach employed to ensure great learning outcomes alongside outstanding care and compassion.


Church Governor

I was appointed as Priest in Charge of Ryhall, Essendine and Carlby in September 2019, but my connection with the area goes back a long way. I moved here in 1972, and my two sons – now in their forties - were pupils at the school, which they still talk about with great affection.

My background is in secondary teaching; I taught English for thirty years before being ordained.

Before taking up my present post I was Priest in Charge of Castle Bytham, Little Bytham, Creeton and Careby, followed by eight years at Great Casterton, Little Casterton, Tickencote, Tinwell and Pickworth. During a break from ministry I volunteered at Ryhall Academy and quickly came to realise what a wonderful school it is, where every child is valued and encouraged, and where Christian values affect every aspect of its life. I greatly enjoy devising and leading our services in Ryhall church.

For me, the school is a vital part of church life, so I am delighted to have been appointed to the governing body and in particular to its Ethos working party.

Kevan Fryett  

Community Governor 

I’m a father of two boys - both of whom are now at secondary school having gone through their full primary education at Ryhall CE Academy.  I have previously served as an elected Parent Governor and now serve as a Community Governor. I’ve lived in the village of Ryhall for the last 13 years. My family and I like to get involved all aspects of village life and I particularly enjoy gigging in the local pub where I play the drums. I have 20+ years of teaching experience in secondary education and am currently employed as a Head of Science in a secondary school. 

I have a long-standing interest in the education of the children in our village which has been the main reason for immersing myself into my governor role.  My aims for the children of Ryhall are to have access to a world class education and I strongly believe that Ryhall CE Academy has the ingredients of a truly outstanding school. I hope that my work in this leadership capacity serves to ensure outstanding outcomes for all.

Paula Carlton

Staff Governor (Teaching) 

I became a teaching staff governor in November 2019 having been elected by the staff. I'm the Reception Class teacher and have now been at the school for over 6 years.  I became a teaching staff governor in November 2019 having been elected by the staff. I'm the Reception Class teacher and have now been at the school for over 6 years. As a staff representative (rather than a representative of staff), I bring an important, unique viewpoint to discussion and debate.  Although I am the sole EYFS teacher in the school, my training was in the full scope of primary education and research, with a particular focus on Early Years and KS1.  My aim is to support the school community's focus to ensure Ryhall CE Academy continues to be a school of choice for parents of Ryhall and beyond, providing high quality foundations and education for all. 

Sarah Stickland

Parent Governor 

I have two children at Ryhall CE Academy and have watched them develop into caring young people during their time here.  Above all, I am impressed by the feel of the community and the commitment of the staff. I hope to reflect that commitment in my role as parent governor; to help shape the present and future of the school. I have worked in organisational strategy for the last ten years and have extensive experience working in teams, collaboratively with multiple stakeholders and influencing key decisions. I aim to bring all of this to bear in the role to ensure a parent's voice is heard clearly, candidly and passionately.

Sian Armstrong

Parent Governor

As a parent of two children who are thriving at Ryhall, I have seen the transformative effect of the care and kindness at the heart of the Christian ethos. To me, the warmth of the community and the commitment of the staff are Ryhall’s superpowers. 

Professionally, I have spent the last 20 years working with schools and not for profits on strategy, stakeholder research and engagement, communications, organisational design, training & mentoring – with a recent focus on profile raising, reputation management and income generation. I hope that my personal commitment as a parent and professional skills as a consultant may serve the school and strengthen its future. 

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