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Ofsted Report

5th October 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

Ofsted Report 19/20 September 2017

I am delighted to inform you that we have now received our final inspection report from Ofsted and we are able to share this with you.  As you know, we undertook a two-day inspection with three inspectors (one of whom had a shadowing role). The reason for this (as opposed to a one-day inspection), was due to our academy conversion process in October 2014 when we became a sponsored academy (effectively becoming a brand new school with any previous grading no longer applicable).   As you take the time to read the report in full for yourselves, we take great pleasure in reflecting upon the significant progress that the school has made in the last three years – most of which is recognised and celebrated in the report. Since our last inspection of 2014, and the significant changes made in the Ofsted inspection standards, with a new framework from September 2015, we have had a 50% increase in pupil numbers moving from a 5 to 7 class structure.  This has come about as a result of a clear vision, high standards and expectations, hard work and our continually developing partnership with you, our parents.

Whilst celebrating our good news with you I wanted to share the highlights here:

  • The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.
  • Leaders’ plans to improve the school are precise. They correctly identify the priorities and the actions needed to achieve success.
  • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding is a strength of the school. It is well supported by a curriculum that engages and enthuses pupils.
  • The school offers a stimulating curriculum that motivates pupils and contributes to their outstanding personal development.
  • Leaders are committed to improving English and Mathematics skills through a curriculum that gives pupils many opportunities to show initiative and creativity.
  • School leaders have created a strong, nurturing culture and ethos in the school.
  • Leaders and other school staff know pupils well and this contributes to the strong culture of care.
  • They (teachers) plan exciting lessons that inspire and motivate pupils. Relationships with pupils are strong and pupils are enthusiastic learners. As a result, the majority of pupils make good progress in their work across a range of subjects.
  • Teachers use skilful questioning and challenging tasks to extend and deepen pupils’ learning.
  • Pupils’ knowledge and skills are improving and their understanding is deepening. This is true across a range of subjects, including reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Pupils are articulate and self-assured. They are confident and have excellent attitudes to learning.
  • Governors have a good understanding of the school and are committed to its continuing improvement.
  • Leaders have created a stimulating and attractive environment to support children’s learning (EYFS). The indoor and outdoor classrooms encourage children to be curious and take an active interest in their learning.

Many of you took the time out to complete Ofsted’s Parent View and spoke with the inspectors, showing a great deal of positivity and support for the school and I would like to thank you for this on behalf of all the staff and governors. We are very proud of our school and we know that you share in this view. 

The inspection went so well that we will not be inspected for at least another three years, and even then it will just be a one-day process. Regardless, we still have the ambition to be outstanding, not only in a SIAMS inspection (as November 2016), but in any future Ofsted inspections. As with our own school self-evaluation we recognise areas in which improvements still need to be made.  In 2014 & 2015 we achieved a 100% pass rate in phonics which declined in 2016 & 2017.  We continue to target this area of our curriculum and ask all Reception and Year 1 parents to get on board with us in our mission to return to these higher pass rates in order to support children’s ability to access year 2 curriculum and beyond.  

Yours faithfully

Ms K Walker


If you would like to share your views of the school and celebrate all that is good about Ryhall CE Academy, then please go to Ofsted's Parent View (click on the logo).  If something about the school is making you unhappy then please share it with the Headteacher or Governors.  Thank you.

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