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Make A Difference

'We don’t just talk we get things done.'


At Ryhall CE Academy we strongly believe that our children should be actively involved in leading positive change in our school.  Whilst there are always opportunities in class for discussion and debate, we recognise that a range of Pupil Voice groups sets up the perfect means for classes to feedback those ideas to the school leaders; Headteacher and Governing Body.  The representatives for each group, together with other elected members from each class, work with the Headteacher, as a School Council to work on specific projects and to canvas pupil opinion across the school on key issues.  Representatives are selected by either peer vote, teacher selection or by ‘names out of a hat’. There are representatives in each group from Years 2 to Year 6.

2021-22 School Council: 

Lexie (Y1), Sam (Y1), Molly (Y2), Tom (Y2), Noah (Y3), Tallulah (Y3), Bobbi (Y4), Rosie (Y4), Alessia (Y5), Rocco (Y5), Lyla (6), Toby (6)


These four Year 6 children (one from each House and elected by the school) also take lead roles as Sports Ambassadors and each have a responsibility in leading their own House. They are also very responsible members of our school community who give up some of their social time to plan for events and help to improve the school, including events. They also have the responsibility of overseeing the lunchtime play programme which is led by Year 5 Play Leaders.  They attend the Rutland Sports Ambassadors programme and have a responsibility in organising Level 1 Competitions (inter-house) which can take place during PE lessons or social times.

2021-22 House Captains: Ariel (St Matthew), Lyla (St Mark), Daniel (St Luke), Jasmine (St John)


Ms Walker helps these elected children, (4 from Year 6) who are responsible for helping our children to take part in wider community life, with a particular focus on sustainable travel and safety and grow up as responsible citizens. Examples of their projects are Road Safety, liaison with the Parish Council, Police and Councillors.

2021-21 Junior Travel Ambassadors: Kailum, Lizzie, Rose, Sophia


Our Eco Council is known as the Eco Warriors and is led by Mrs Want; helping us to make sure we are as environmentally friendly as we can be. This group ensures we compost our organic waste, recycle paper, turn off lights and projectors and keep the doors closed to keep in the warmth during the winter. They also sell their own home-grown produce, set up nature areas within the school and look at local and national projects in which the school can be involved.  The council are responsible for maintaining our standards as a Green Flag Status school.   

2021-22 Eco Councillors:

Skye (1), Theo (1), Matteo (Y2), Georgie (Y2), Beau (Y3), Jacob (Y3), George (Y4), Olivia (Y4), Ava (Y5), Emily (Y5), Kailum (Y6), Rose (Y6)


This group is responsible for ensuring our Christian ethos is considered in every area of school life and for helping us all to be reflective. This group works with members of our local parish (St John’s and Ryhall Methodist) and Miss Watson to plan, deliver and evaluate some of our collective worship, consider support for our local community as well as overseeing charitable fundraising and donations.

2021-22 Ethos Councillors:

Holly (Y3), Orlaith (Y3), Jessica (Y4), Megan (Y4), Harris (Y5), Ailish (Y5), Benjy (Y6), Libby (Y6)


In our bid to ensure that creativity is a key driver in helping our children to be inquisitive, independent, resilient and successful learners and critical-thinkers, we have set up an Arts Council. This group, led by Ms Walker (Headteacher), is responsible for creating, implementing and evaluating an annual action plan to develop quality of provision to the standards as determined by Artsmark Gold.

2021-22 Arts Councillors:

Ava L (Y3), Texas-Rose (Y3), Archie (Y4), Lois (Y4), Bailey (Y5), Elin (Y5), Ariel (Y6), Elliot (Y6)

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