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School Performance Tables

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School Performance Tables

Ryhall CE Academy Results 2015/16

The following is the most recent pupil performance data for Ryhall CE Academy. This refers to the 2015/16 academic year for pupils in years Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage), Yr 1 (Phonics Screening), Year 2 (end of Key Stage 1) & Year 6 (end of Key Stage 2).

Please note that in 2016, the new more challenging national curriculum, which was introduced in 2014, was assessed by new tests and interim frameworks for teacher assessment. Results are no longer reported as levels: each pupil receives their test results as a scaled score and teacher assessments based on the standards in a document known as the 'interim framework'. 

To give the national picture, 53% of pupils reached the new expected standard and 5% reached a high standard in reading, writing and mathematics.

Because of the changes set out above, figures for 2016 are not comparable to those for earlier years. The expectations for pupils at the end of key stage 2 have been raised. Given the differences from previous years to the curriculum and assessments, levels are not comparable with scaled scores or teacher assessment outcomes. However, If you wish to see data for the previous year, please click on the link to the left (2014-15). 

You can compare our school data using the following link:

Early Years Foundation Stage (National Comparison)

Number in cohort

No. of Yr 1 children*

% achieving a Good Level of Development




* previously disapplied (in Reception year)

Year 1 Phonics Screening Test 

Number in cohort

% Reaching the Expected Standard



Results of statutory Key Stage 1 Test Results – Percentage at each level: -

2016 – 18 children (National Comparison)

Key Stage 1

% children Achieving National Standard

% children Working Above National Standard


94 (74)

33 (x)


83 (66)

28 (x)


94 (73)

22 (x)




Results of statutory Key Stage 2 Assessment – Percentage at each level:-

2016 –17 children (National Comparison)

Key Stage 2

% Children Working At National Standard

% Children Working Above National Standard

English (Reading)

71  (66)

12 (19)

English (Writing)

71  (74)

6  (n/a)

English (grammar, punctuation and spelling)

82  (72)

35  (23)


82 (70)

24  (17)

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