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Tolethorpe (YR 5)

Welcome to Autumn Term in Tolethorpe Class 

This year we have the pleasure of having Mrs Jardine supporting us on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Fowler on a Friday afternoon. As well as Miss Cummings who will have the class on a Monday and Friday afternoon. 


We are going to learn as much as we can about the Ancient Greeks and the legacy they left behind. We will use many skills to find out and investigate their life and then share our findings with our parents by opening a museum.

We will open our virtual museum at the end of Term 2 and parent’s family members and friends can watch and receive guided museum tours by our Tolethorpe curators!

As readers, we will be using fiction and non-fiction texts to research  information  to  extend our learning about the life of the Ancient Greeks and Greek Gods. We will be reading numerous Greeks myths, finding out what elements are required to make a myth and exploring the characters and settings within myths.

As writers, we will be writing descriptions of settings and mythical creatures that can be included in myths. We will learn how to write character descriptions, listen to many Greeks myths and then. We will use drama to imagine how it feels to be characters in a Greek Myth leading to writing our own myth to share as part of a class book.

As communicators, we will perform poems. We will speak clearly and confidently to present our learning to the school. We will write and perform our own plays, looking for inspiration from the ancient Greek tragedies and comedies and stories of the Gods.

As mathematicians, we will be following the national curriculum for year 5. We will be revisiting and consolidating both mental and formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will build on our times tables knowledge applying it to multiples of 10 and decimal numbers.

We will develop our calculation skills using different measures, including money in pence and pounds. We will use these skills and develop our problem-solving for one and two-step problems. We will use our measuring skills to calculate length and perimeter and use this knowledge to solve problems and answer real life questions.

As scientists, we will look at the properties of and changes to materials. We will research what Aristotle believed about science and the key ideas he discovered in Ancient Greece. We will investigate what happens to solids when they dissolve. We will also be learning all about light, how it travels and where it comes from.

We will be using ipads to develop our coding skills and troubleshoot Scratch games.  Throughout our physical education sessions, we will be learning how to move and be able to control a ball finding space, and we will develop those skills when playing netball and football. As Geographers, we will be using atlases, globes and maps of different scales to locate Greece and identify its surrounding countries. We will label and describe the important features of the country. We will also be using maps and globes to locate other countries and continents. We will find out how compass points, grid references and online maps such as Google Earth.

As Historians, we will study life in Ancient Greece and their achievements and influence on the western world. We will find out who the Ancient Greeks were and will place important events in Ancient Greece on a timeline in chronological order. We will investigate what it was like to live daily life as an ancient Greek citizen using primary and secondary sources. We will learn about the origins of democracy and find out about the city states in Ancient Greece - exploring the similarities and differences between Athens and Sparta. We will explore the Trojan War and the key characters and events of this epic saga. We will find out about Ancient Greek Gods and discover more about the religious beliefs of the Greeks. We will investigate Greek theatre and plays. We will explore the origins of the Olympics and marathon running and how these and other ideas have an impact on our lives today.

As Artists, we look at examples of Greek pottery looking at colour, style and design, and then we will create our own Greek pot using clay. We will explore comedy and tragedy masks and create our own versions. We will look at the work of Greek sculptures and create our own of ancient Greek Gods using clay. As well as looking at two contrasting artists Greyson Perry and Svend Bayer.  In DT, we will prepare and make some Greek food (and YES we will be tasting it too).

 I will continue to keep you up to date with our learning developments and give general messages and reminders out on Class Dojo.  'Knowledge Organisers' which are available for key subjects continue to be available on Class Dojo.  These contain some key facts regarding our term's learning; it is important for children to know these - these can be used for homework as well as within class. I will make sure any homework is set on Seesaw on a Friday and due back the following Friday. 

I continue to value working in partnership with you, so please do keep in touch. If you have any problems at all, please contact me via Class Dojo or by email:

Mrs Grant, Tolethorpe Class Teacher 

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