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Ryhall CE Academy

“Look back with pride and move forward with confidence”

Christian Distinctiveness

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Values & Ethos


Each term, we focus on one of our chosen school values.  These provide a focus for both Collective Worship and as part of our SMSC work. Our Ethos Councillors, led by Mrs Watson (Ethos Lead), have created acrostic posters to share and give context and explanation to each value.  These are shared with our school community, together with 'Home School Values' resources, via Class Dojo - you can find a copy of these below. 


Our Vision: Ryhall CE Academy will provide the best learning environment that embraces excellence and academic rigour. Set within a framework of spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, moral, social and cultural development, we aim to:

  • ignite a passion for life-long learning;

  • develop great thinkers who embrace challenge;

  • promote curiosity, enthusiasm, independence, self-belief and confidence.

inspiring and preparing every child to live ‘life in all its fullness’.

'I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness'  (John 10:10  Good News Translation)

The pupils, led by the Ethos Council have created the wordle above to visually show all the attributes, qualities and values of our school and the individuals within it.  More information is shared from the Ethos Council in their page which can be found to the left.  

Our strong Christian ethos encourages:




trust and


along with the character value of                                  resilience 

and we believe these values should underpin everything we do, both during and beyond the school day, including the decisions that we make. These, together with the value of resilience, provide a strong sense of perseverance and lifelong learning, honesty, mutual respect, happiness, enjoyment and high standards. Whilst they are a visible presence around the school, our values are far more; all members of the school are actively encouraged to live them out every day.  Our mission of

Inspiring and preparing every child to live ‘life in all its fullness’ so that they may look back with pride and move forward with confidence'

(*John 10:10)

encourages children to face their fears, demonstrate endurance, believe in their ability and value all that is strong and good about themselves.

We also teach the British values of democracy, justice and the rule of law, and mutual respect for those of different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith and individual liberty.

At Ryhall CE Academy:

  • We will provide high quality education to ensure happiness and achievement for all; aiming for excellence in teaching and learning in order to achieve outstanding learning outcomes. We will celebrate success at every part of the learning journey, individually and collectively – educating for wisdom, knowledge and skills.

  • We will work in partnership with parents, carers, schools, the church and other organisations to enable our pupils to become healthy, confident, responsible and lifelong learners, encouraging a sense of caring and belonging within their local environment, nationally and globally – educating for community and living well together.

  • We will continuously work towards keeping children safe by encouraging them to communicate effectively and through personal development, behaviour and welfare. We aim to prepare children for the excitement and challenges of the 21st Century – educating for dignity and respect.

  • The worth of each child impels us to work to fulfil their God-given potential, whatever the religious or other tradition with which they or their family identify.  Each is to be understood as respectfully and deeply as possible; encouraged to challenge themselves spiritually, morally, intellectually, imaginatively and actively, and to ensure they develop the necessary skills to prepare them for a fulfilling life and work – educating for hope and aspiration.

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